Culinary Experiences

Optimal health starts with what you put in your mouth. Gain a deeper connection with your body by being in touch with the food you consume to nourish it. Juice cleanses are helpful for transitioning into a healthier way of eating or may be used as a reset for your cravings. Our Bento dinners are the ultimate private dining-in experience during your stay.



Let us help you detox or cleanse as way to start a healthier diet. The greatest benefit to a detox or cleanse is its ability to start fresh, and transition to a long-term, healthy way of eating. Many of our clients have reported that cravings for salty, fatty, or sweet foods diminish even with a weekend cleanse. We work with you to tune into what feeds the whole you. Reconnect with normal hunger and fullness cues; appreciate the natural flavors of whole, fresh foods. Learn to be in charge of emotional, social, environmental, and habitual eating triggers, which can be the first step to breaking unhealthy patterns.

We’ll design a program for you based on your needs, tastes, and what is seasonally available. Programs may include organic raw solid meals or snacks in addition to the organic juices and start at $99/day.

A la carte organic juicing is $15 per juice, 4 juice minimum per day. $2 bottle deposit per mason jar. Juices are freshly made for you daily and delivered to your suite each morning.


bento dinner

The compartmental way of serving food, which originated in Japan, features anywhere from two to five compartments, each meant for a different meal element. They are a wonderful way to eat a variety of nutrients, and help with portion-control.

Our bento dinners are the ultimate private dinining-in experience. Four bite size starters indulge the 4 basic types of tastes - savory, sweet, sour, bitter. Flavors grow more complex as we progress in the main course. Dessert plays up natural sugars and indulgences.



farmers' market delight

Shop locally and organically at our farmers' market. Our markets are loaded with stuff that was picked nearby and probably yesterday. Schedule a cooking workshop and we'll show you how to create a nutritious and delicious meal. Or leave it to us! We'll happily take on the challenge of turning your finds into a meal that delights yours senses.

$45 - $125/person