Woodstock Holistic B&B is a boutique bed and breakfast offering an escape for a romantic getaway, relaxing vacation, or a nurturing retreat in the very heart of Woodstock — the most famous small town in the world. Come stay in our intimate, serene and seductive suites nestled in the woods near the beautiful cascading Millstream. We are well versed in customizing holistic getaways ranging from silent retreats, writing journeys, cleansing and detoxing breaks or romantic interludes. The intention is to create a home away from home that awakens your spirit and reconnects you to all that is important to you.

Our guest suites feature private entrances and decks so that you may take in the environment to its fullest. Skylights are located all throughout so that we may minimize the boundaries between man-made spaces and nature. The Body Goodness wellness studio on-site offers culinary experiences, massage, and private yoga. These services are available to the public as well.

We believe in eating organically and locally whenever possible. We take care to stock your refrigerator with organic/local breakfast items:  non-dairy milk, juice, eggs, yogurt, seasonal fruit, health bread, oatmeal and gluten-free pancake mix. Guests will also find a supply of organic teas, and coffee. We’re also happy to accommodate gluten-free or dairy-free requests so just let us know. 

Eco-conscious cleaning practices are important to us. When it comes to body products and cleansing products we use utlilize quality, eco-safe brands and methods that are better for the environment. Meyers products, baking soda, peroxide, vinegar and essential oils are our go-to cleansers.

We ask guests to partner with us in our efforts by respecting our private B&B, separating recyclable items, and practicing electricity and water conservation.

Thank you for allowing us to share our philosophy with you. We hope to have the pleasure of hosting your stay.


Woodstock hugs,

Tony, Amy, Eva, Bruno & Layla