Make the most of your weekend getaway in the Catskills. 

First Timers
Play hooky from it all, beat any city traffic and arrive in time for a late lunch at Oriole 9 or Sunfrost Farms on Friday afternoon. Enjoy an idyllic walk through town and make your way to the Millstream. Wade in or just enjoy the sound of the water rustling by. Friday evening is all about an easy, charming dinner at Cucina, the cocktails aren't bad either. Need a late night scene? The Bearsville Theater is a charming concert venue. Wok 'n Roll by day and Harmony Cafe by night is the perfect local dive bar featuring live music every night. Or just grab some drinks at the Commune Saloon and chill out at their outdoor fire pit.

Rise with the sun and hike Overlook Mountain. It's 2 1/2 miles up with a grand view of the Hudson valley and the Ashokan reservoir. Explore the Tibetan Buddhist monastery, KTD across from the trail head parking lot before you head back to town. Now that you've worked up an appetite for lunch, hit up any of the local restaurants. Mosey on over to the Mower's Flea Market for some treasure hunting. Now would be the perfect time to squeeze in a nap or a massage... Dinnertime! The Red Onion or The Bear Cafe are lovely date night options for finer fare.

Sunday only comes too soon. Before you go, stroll through the woods one last time. The Comeau trail is an easy walk that is approximately a one mile loop. Grab sandwiches from Provisions if you're in a rush. Otherwise, try Tinker Taco or Shindig for lunch before saying good-bye.


Expert Catskills Weekenders
It's Friday night and you've finally arrived! If the local scene has become too mundane for you, reserve a special in-house prepared bento dinner. We create a 5-course seasonal and organic culinary delight just for you! It's all served bento style on a tray delivered right to your suite.

Take a drive out to the Ashokan Reservoir. It makes for a beautiful walk, run or bike ride. Head over to the Phoenicia Diner for lunch. On your way back, hike Mount Tremper or walk through Wilson State Park. For a more low-key time you may want to visit the Zen Monastery or the Elena Zang Gallery instead. Saturday dinner should be fun eclectic fare at New World Home Cooking.

Stretch, strike a yoga pose or two on Sunday morning. Enjoy the organic juices delivered that morning which you pre-ordered of course. There's time for one last romp and then on the road home. The Big Deep is minutes away. A trail takes you to a stream and a swimming hole—You can dive in off rocks without fear of touching bottom or do a cannonball off the rope swing. Or you could go reflect on life and nature at the Thorn Preserve. It is undeveloped landscape, which allows for nature based education, sustainable agriculture, and model stream management. The preserve boasts sweeping grassland habitat for birds, butterflies and pollinators, riparian forest, wetland and ponds make this spot a profoundly relaxing and peaceful area.